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Cultivating the seeds of the Soul

Cultivating the seeds of the Soul
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So often when we reflect on our purpose in life, we become focused on trying to express it in concrete terms and that’s sensible of course because we like things to be tangible. We may find that our purpose is expressed in terms of a cause such as organic farming, or as a talent such as music or art, or maybe it feels like it’s more to do with people such as promoting kindness in the world.

There will be as many ways to express a purpose as there are people on the planet as we all have our own unique and personal relationship with our sense of meaning and that’s because our true purpose is an expression of our soul. And herein lies the challenge because to come to a true expression of our purpose, one that is joyful, vibrant, manifested through every part of our being, we need to be in open communication with our soul.

The soul holds the seeds, the qualities and capabilities that are seeking to be realised in the world. Some of these become obvious to us early on in our life, many may remain shrouded by our focus on the outer practicalities of everyday life. Yet, deep within us many of us will have had a glimmer of something else seeking to be expressed – a something that can feel elusive yet powerful. Something that can only be accessed if we open the communication channel with the soul and then step into the courage to bring into being what we discover.

Like Spring seeds that need to be planted and cultivated to bloom into colour and bring their gifts to the world, so too our purpose, our true contribution to the world, needs to be freed from the depths of the Winter and brought to the light.

Our world needs as many people ‘on purpose’ as possible if we are to transform the injustices and inequalities we have created and as leaders we have a responsibility to be ‘on purpose’, so it’s time to get cultivating.