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Creating an energetic bridge

Creating an energetic bridge
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We may all long for a better world. A world of more love, kindness, peace, fairness, prosperity. Though the forces holding this back may seem too formidable for us to overcome each of us can make a difference in how we interact with the world and in the intentions we set for its improvement.

Of course there’s something here about the quality of those intentions and focusing them on our collective world rather than my world, my needs, my wishes and desires.

The dictionary defines intention as ‘an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result’. At a higher level we can see our intentions as seeds we shape and plant with the right love and energy, allowing the universe to take over and nurture them to fruition.

This latter suggests we take our hands off the ‘steering wheel’ and let a higher power take charge. And, of course, at one level we do.

But what if we stay engaged – ‘in-tension’ if you will – with our intention? Holding it via an energetic bridge established and continually energised through our meditative practice. Each time we step into our stillness, connecting with our higher self, we can direct our energy across that bridge, infusing our intention to create a better world for all.