Creating Conscious Organisations
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Connecting with the higher meaning

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It’s fair to say that each day we face something of an onslaught of catastrophes, human failings, micro and macro obstacles to ‘getting things done’ or finding joy in our world today. We’d be forgiven for descending into a pit of despair and yet some part of us knows that won’t help anything either.

That part of us that ‘knows’ can also help us make sense of our world and find a higher point of meaning. Connecting with our inner ‘leader’ is a gateway to finding higher meaning in anything that troubles us, bringing a new level of empowerment and resourcing us to take the next step forward.

If we think about the process of change or observe nature, we can see that the pathway to new life is often preceded by some form of ‘death’ or destruction. This is true of every aspect of life. If we wish to change our habits, we have to let the old ones die. If we wish to reform our institutions – politics, economic, religious – we also have to face a certain amount of destruction to allow the new to be born. Nature shows us this every season.

Does it have to be as brutal as we are seeing in our world right now? Most likely not but as we have seen with climate change – even with the evidence right in our back yards – we are still reluctant to make the changes needed.

Which brings us back to connecting with our inner leader, our higher self or soul. When we have this connection we can expand our vision to see a bigger picture – to see that within the destruction there are also seeds of the new beginning to emerge. Through our inner leader we can find new resources that help us – a deeper sense of knowing, of seeing a truth that extends beyond the literal, the tangible, the apparently evidential and helps us to see more creative ways of being useful in birthing the new. To take up our true leadership role.

Our inner leader brings us into contact with a deeper, broader and more impactful level of knowing, truth and hope and through that we can bring more meaning to what can often feel hopeless.