Creating Conscious Organisations
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Choosing to live in our altered world

Choosing to live in our altered world
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So now the Government has passed the responsibility for our behaviour in this pandemic to the citizen our intentionality is surely more important than ever.

We must be thinking not just of our own safety and needs but of the safety and quality of life for all – from those in our closest circle to the wider human family and all life.

We have the opportunity to make conscious choices, to be intentional in the love and warmth we extend to others whilst giving them space. In setting an example for how to live as social beings without being self-focused, selfish or even reckless in the actual practise.

We can call out the unhelpful behaviours of others with kindness rather than anger, with the intention of creating understanding and acting from more of a community mind-set. We can add our voices to those seeking help – aid, vaccines, and the like – for societies less affluent than our own, helping all to rise.

Imagine if we chose to embrace our altered world, to flow with the experience, to make the best we can of it in every moment. This will move us away from fear or the stasis of waiting for a change created by someone or something else and into moving forward and upward and becoming the positive change ourselves.