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Choosing powerful thoughts

Choosing powerful thoughts
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Many will be familiar with the idea (or fact) that ‘energy follows thought’. This idea has been given new scientific weight in recent decades with Einstein’s theory of relativity in which the mass itself has been proven to consist of energy and it’s not just a case of kinetic energy or motion.

If we examine this notion, it becomes fundamentally important to pay attention to our inner thought life because it is literally creative. Our experience of life is directed by our thought life – we are sending energy out with each thought.

The aphorism ‘as man thinketh in his heart so is he’ is explored in some depth by James Allen in his book. The book invites us to pay much closer attention to our thought life and be far more intentional in the thoughts we allow to have houseroom.

Making choices, being conscious and mindful about our thoughts takes practise. Just like the Spring cleaning we may do in our homes, our thoughts also need to be reviewed and decluttered. What thoughts are we releasing, unintentionally, that create harm or send energy in an unhelpful direction? In what way are we adding to the ‘conflicts’ in the world in our own small way?

And going even further, if we wish to be impactful as leaders and members of Humanity in effecting more progress toward the lived expression of a better world for all, strengthening our thoughts with a truly compassionate, loving heart is vital.

Maybe we can even create a new formula: intentional thoughts x compassion x love = a new era of beauty and joy.