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Charging our inner Sat Nav

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When we think about finding our way, of having the right directions we may think of Sat Nav or Google maps. If we’re old school we might be drawn to maps and atlases. Hopefully we’ll have a bit of a sense of direction and a little bit of luck too.

Yet there’s something deeper and higher to consider in this wayfinding – it’s not about our small journey but the bigger one we’re on. Given the world’s challenges, it’s fair to say we have somewhat lost our way as a collective humanity and in a way in which the aforementioned technology or less fashionable methods probably won’t help.

If we want to solve these problems, to contribute to creating a better world for all then connecting with our soul and our ‘inner Sat Nav’ – our purpose – and following its map are absolutely essential.

In deep reflection or meditation we can find the calm and still place to connect with our soul, allowing it to take charge of the journey. Allowing our purpose to guide us on the way and overcoming the urge to let our personality think it always knows best. Allowing our heart to fuel the courage to follow its direction and infusing our outer action with the love for our fellow beings and our world that uplifts all. Surely that’s a service to which we can all commit.