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Bringing and being our best

Bringing and being our best
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We can gaze at the heavens and be reminded of how tiny we are as individuals and, as a planet, in the vastness of the universe. We may consider the scale of humanity and conclude we, as one person, have little impact.

Yet we have more power than we know. Every thought, word, action touches others, rippling outwards, amplifying. So we carry a responsibility for ourselves, and to each other and the planet we call home to bring the best we can, to be the best we can.

Presence, at its simplest, is the fact or condition of being present. The quality of that presence makes the difference. Often, with the cares and distractions of our world, we can be physically present whilst our mind, heart, spirit are somewhere else entirely.

To bring and be the best we can, fully present and directing our attention for the greater good of all calls on us to connect deeply with our self, to examine our choices for their purity and intention to service, and to act in accordance with the guiding star of our purpose and the wisdom of our heart.