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Beyond the outer aspects of daily life

Beyond the outer aspects of daily life
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It’s rare for people to share much about their inner world. We do it sometimes with close family or friends but even then it may not touch into the real depths of our inner reflections and sense of self. And of course there’s also the question of the depth of our own self-awareness – do we give ourselves the push needed to really explore beyond the more superficial or surface aspects of our awareness?

What makes this inner space so heavily guarded and/or hard to access? Some of that can be explained by the unconscious nature of it – we don’t know what we don’t know about ourselves and this can generate a level of apprehension or even fear. This is where being willing to step into silence and stillness and ‘be alone’ with ourselves is so important. Using tools such as reflective practises, mindfulness and meditation, we can get beyond – bit by bit – the outer layers of our world – the mental chatter, the emotional roller coaster or the physical demands.

Why, you might ask yourself. Why would we put that effort in – especially if we are feeling apprehensive? Because it’s only in the depths of our inner silence that we find the beauty and glory of our own truth and potential. Our potential which is a fractal of the greater potential that is present in humanity as a whole. Truth and potential that when accessed releases qualities and understanding that will change the way we interact with the outer world for the better. We will tap into a presence within us that will bring a radiatory impact, helping us to play our part in the reshaping of our world for the better.

We used to talk about ‘getting off the treadmill’ or the ‘hamster wheel’ – now more than ever we need to find the courage to go within and discover the qualities that will enable us to be a loving powerhouse in the future of our world.