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Beyond the concrete

Beyond the concrete
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We live our lives in a concrete world, reliant on matter and form, on what we can see, hear, touch, taste, smell. We use acquired knowledge and experience to interpret all this data. Perhaps we adjust that interpretation with the input of others.

And yet how real and true are the ‘pictures’ we create? However concrete things may seem we bend their ‘light’ through our own filters of our knowledge and experience, creating our rather than THE reality. In a world of shifting sands our learned/ingrained responses can be ill-suited to what’s emerging.

To thrive, to play our part in ensuring a better world we need to connect with a more profound source, a collective and universal wisdom.

We can do that by listening intently, with our heart, in deep, reflective or meditative practice, opening our awareness to the signs, symbols and prompts that flow, some of which may not be obvious or ‘logical’. We must also be patient, resisting the urge to force or ascribe meaning, instead simply trusting the process and allowing impressions to form.

Slowly and magically we will become attuned at a higher level, our sense of new meaning and a higher wisdom will unfold, helping us respond to whatever comes with greater alignment, clarity and impact.