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Being in the flow

Being in the flow
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Experiencing those moments of pure flow are truly magical. They may last seconds or months, maybe even years. Pure flow doesn’t mean there are no challenges or obstacles in our way though…it means that in that moment, we are deeply resourced in being able to face those challenges and address them without being held hostage to them.

Being in the flow is something we experience when we are aligned with and energised by our sense of purpose. We have a clear focus, we direct our efforts and the inflow of energy and resources – inner and outer – seems to be endless. We feel powerful, ‘larger’ and somewhat invincible in that moment.

Maintaining our sense of flow can be harder though and can feel like somehow, somewhere our purpose, our focus, our alignment got buried under layers of ‘stuff’. Today’s world is creating a lot of layering if we let it, as each and every turn presents yet another obstacle, another uncertainty and another new set of ‘rules’ or maybe even no rules. And of course, now more than ever, it’s vitally important that we do all we can to avoid letting our connection to our purpose get away from us, especially if it’s directed toward the higher good for all.

Staying in the flow demands that we raise our point of connection, lifting to a higher point of consciousness. This might mean seeing a bigger picture, taking a deep breath and releasing the frustration or finding new inspiration when the energy or motivation starts to sag. All of these can be helped by connecting ourselves to some core principles of life such as, we are all part of the whole, unified and yet diverse, that love is ever powerful and when expressed freely through us really can change lives, and that within each of us lies the will to play our part in the co-creative journey we are all part of.

Flow is about our life force. Nurturing and supporting our inner life force is as vital as taking care of our physical health. Whether we meditate, study philosophy, spend hours in nature contemplating, find reasons to laugh, or engage in creative pursuits, taking care of and being conscious of our life force helps to maintain a healthy and vibrant connection to that life force. As leaders being in the flow matters – how else will we achieve a higher purpose.