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Beauty and the heart

Beauty and the heart
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Most of us have a very form-based relationship with beauty associating it with the outer aspects that we can see. It might be colour, it might be sound, it might be shapes…and we classify it through the lenses of nature, art and music and even the physical human body.

The time is fast approaching when we will be invited to refine our relationship with beauty and to learn how to feel or sense beauty more than seeing it. It links with a general move toward opening to inclusion and appreciating diversity and seeing the whole, the space between as well as the parts.

Why is it important to feel beauty? Because beauty exists in everything and coming to a higher appreciation of beauty will enable us to recalibrate and expand our perspective and reference points, and to become far more inclusive. On a day to day level we become more accepting and appreciative of all and less binary in our way of relating to the world.

This requires us to experience beauty through the heart and to come into a loving relationship with the wonder of life. The more we live our life sensing through the heart the more we will experience the riches of our world and that surely will take us toward greater harmony?

Harmony is our birth right as a human race – we do, though, have to work for it by overcoming our propensity to classify and quantify which in turn sets up a ‘this not that’ mentality. Let’s find the route toward all-ness and see what wonders that reveals.