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Balancing heart and mind

Balancing heart and mind
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Humanity is and has been in a profound time of mental activity and development of its intellect – this has been going on for several hundred years in this current level of intensity. We see it present in the ever-growing activity in Science, Medicine, Technology, Engineering and so on. We want to know about our world and how it works yet, for the most part, we have confined that inquiry to the concrete, physical, rational aspects of the world. It might also be said that we have become almost fixated with that form of knowing and we could hypothesise as to the reasoning for that, which will be, for sure, across a broad spectrum of motivations.

The time is very much upon us though where the need to think through and with our hearts. It is becoming critical to our future survival as a species. It is only when we think with and through the heart that we will set and fulfil intentions that will serve the greater good. The mind is a beautiful and powerful tool but it must be used with discrimination and discernment.

The heart has the capacity to contain so much more than the mind. It is like an endless pool or a sacred chalice that both expands and holds. It can hold pain and sorrow, joy and hope, compassion and kindness, understanding and forgiveness. It functions with a level of alchemy that is almost impossible to describe as it supports our meaning making in life. An alchemy that enables us to grow, to overcome limits and to access resources that, when used in conjunction with our mind, bring phenomenal, transformational outcomes.

I’m reminded of this quote from the books of Agni Yoga… ’To see with the eyes of the heart; to hear the roar of the world with the ears of the heart; to peer into the future with the understanding of the heart; to remember past accumulations through the heart…’ the paragraph goes on to remind us that it is only through the heart that we can lay the foundation for great steps. Our world needs us to take great steps right now with heartful intention.