Creating Conscious Organisations
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Alignment toward the greater good

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We see increasing evidence of good will in our world. Yes it’s a tough world right now and yet as physics tells us each action has an equal and opposite reaction. The more we expose the inequities and unethical practices the more space and opportunity there is for people to step closer toward a life that embraces new levels of good will.

Micro steps are all it takes – not grand gestures. Each day, step by step, finding a way to align ourselves with the greater good of those who cross our path daily. Handling a conversation differently, finding a little more compassion, choosing to show love rather than frustration. Each micro step helps us build an individual life that opens the heart to embrace the higher purpose of the greater good. These micro steps join up to build the greater network of good will and before we know it, we have created a loving and compassionate world. Purpose in action.

Of course even micro steps can seem daunting. Yet if we allow ourselves to recall how we feel/felt when someone shows us understanding, forgiveness, support, gratitude, any number of kindnesses, we can see the power it brings. The power to feel connected to our own capacity to love and be loved. And why wouldn’t we want to pay that forward.

After all, what is the greater good if not a loving and compassionate world? We can have no greater purpose.