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Accessing our inner power of oneness

Accessing our inner power of oneness
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Oneness is both a simple and vast principle to explore. For some the notion of oneness may feel too abstract to be meaningful, for others it may be a foundational principle of life – encapsulated in the phrase ‘we are all connected’ perhaps?

The idea that everything we do, think, say impacts everyone and everything else requires us to step up a level in our sense of responsibility and accountability. If we accept interconnectedness, then we see that we create impacts beyond our own ‘small self’. Equally, exploring and embracing oneness also though opens the door to an energy and a power that’s greater than our ‘small self’. An energy that can create such change not only in our own lives but, following the principle, in the lives and existence of all.

Oneness can be accessed in so many ways, starting usually with an ability to see the beauty of the whole, for example, the beauty of the human form at its best – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual working in an integrated way. Or the beauty of the ecosystem of the natural world and how it supports and intertwines across the plant, mineral and animal worlds with its own natural order. The way in which humanity can either uphold that beauty or destroy it through its actions.

So why then assert that there is an inner power in oneness? If we start to see and accept the principle of oneness and wholeness then we can start to go beyond the physical, concrete world and consider the ‘invisible’ factor of energy – the energy that binds us all together and which can be harnessed for good or destruction.

We can sense that within us a larger power exists, a larger energy which we can access in support of good or harm. Some may call that our consciousness. Our inner power is part of a greater power source – a power source which includes love for all beings and all life…in fact all of existence. When we start to access that inner power we access a new level of presence – a presence or beingness that places us firmly in the centre of all life. We can both draw from, and give to, that oneness – it’s our choice. A choice that can empower us to have a positive radiatory effect on those around us.

Our level of consciousness and awareness starts to shift from being self-focused to other focused. As we become love centred, we radiate a new level of presence…a presence that is as magnetic and powerful as it is humble and generous. We identify with wholeness not separation and the transformational power that accompanies that is beyond limits. Have you started your inner journey toward the power of oneness?