Our Purpose

‘To help leaders consciously create the new era of work for the greater good of humanity’.

Our Work

We are organisational development futurists committed to supporting leaders who are focused on creating the next generation of organisation and work, and who understand the responsibility of organisational leaders to play an active part in humanity’s evolution. We have spent over 20 years exploring and supporting the development of greater consciousness within the workplace and, of course, leaders are a prime enabler of this journey.

Conscious Leadership is an emerging branch of leadership development and whilst it has been the subject of many academic books and study, it has yet to gather momentum in the mainstream of work and organisational life. Our work is dedicated to helping to shift the pace of integration between individual and or academic study and bringing the practise of Conscious Leadership into everyday work life.

Future aspects of this work will include workshops, retreats, working groups, interactive discussion forums and special interest groups. We are currently running a number of introductory sessions with leaders through open sessions and masters, as well as undertaking some detailed research and development in this area. Would be delighted if you or your organisations would be interested in joining us on the journey either by participating in our research of joining one of our introductory sessions. We humbly invite you to explore and if you feel moved to do so, contact us to get involved.