Creating Conscious Organisations
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Trudy Worth

I love words, language, the power of communication to inform and transform, so it’s probably not surprising my career began in journalism, including a stint reporting on business, I spent more than 20 years in PR, 13 of them as a director of a global consultancy advising CEOs and boards on corporate affairs. During these years I was fortunate to witness the good as well as the not so in organisational leadership and organisational life.
Trudy Worth - Director

My insight into the impact of organisations on the world has expanded further during 13 years with azzur focused on helping develop outstanding leaders to catalyse transformation of their own organisations.

At the heart of this work has been supporting leaders in raising their awareness of self, those they lead and the world around them, and using communication to create deep connection and right relationship.


The conscious awareness I bring to my work in helping leaders and their organisations become a force for good, inside and out, is underpinned by an on-going exploration of spiritual practice which has included brief forays into Buddhism and shamanism as well as Reiki training, training in creative meditation and exploring some aspects of the esoteric tradition.

I am, though, under no illusion that my consciousness is a thing of fragility requiring constant tending. It is a work in progress.