The electric feeling of being ‘on purpose’

As I write this I am feeling very buoyed and energised. In this moment (and for some hours now today) I notice that I am experiencing a deep and strong sense of purpose. I feel almost giddy with the power of it as it pervades my being.

If you were to ask me to describe the actual purpose, it would be unlikely to flow out as a ‘save the world’ oratory though the connection with all kingdoms (their beauty and their current plight) in our world is very much part of the feeling.  And whilst I do have two or three phrases to describe my ‘purpose’ it really depends on who I’m talking to as to how that gets expressed.

The truth is that at its core, my sense of purpose is almost ethereal in its nature and when I’m truly ‘connected’ it almost doesn’t need any language or phrases because I am living it – I am on purpose.

The feeling is certainly one of being purposeful – of doing something that in some way matters. It’s also a strong sense of ‘flow’ – being in the moment and trusting that it’s the soul or ‘higher wisdom’ that’s in the driving seat rather than the personality. The work feels simultaneously easy and ‘important’ and ‘world or life changing’ if that’s not too grand. And that’s it too…it does feel grand but not in a pompous, look at me way, more an adding my gifts kind of way.

When we tap into our talents and we put them to work in support of our sense of purpose the feeling is truly electric. Imagine if we were all able to connect more and more of those periods of being on purpose – what a world we’d be creating.

Lorraine Flower