Building a cathedral

In days gone by people began building cathedrals that they never saw finished.  The work passed to subsequent generations until it was complete.  The initiators and builders were undoubtedly driven by a purpose, giving themselves to the work.

Today each of us has our own unique purpose…our North Star that guides us through our journey in life.  Sometimes it is obvious to us; we discover it early and embrace it.  For others of us there’s more work involved to uncover our purpose and discover the flow that comes with living a life on purpose.

Yet isn’t each unique purpose an individual aspect of our purpose as a whole, to contribute to a better world for all, to create a world of right relationships?  If we take this as our North Star, returning to it when faced with tough calls, difficult decisions, challenging circumstances it helps us consider more than just local issues when we decide and when we act.

Living and leading in this way is about helping to create a future outcome we may not see as well as contributing to a better world moment by moment.

It is like being the builder of a great cathedral – not a house of religion but in this case building a better world for future generations.  Our efforts may be adding to the ‘foundations’ or the ‘walls’ but completion is far into the future and the work of coming generations.

Connecting with this collective purpose is what keeps us on course and inspires us to persevere, reminding us that we’re building something worthwhile.

Trudy Worth