The marriage between love and purpose

The older I get and the more I reflect on my personal purpose the more I am coming to realise that in many ways as human beings we may all in fact have the same core purpose – to express love in every moment and with every fibre of our being.

As I write this I know that it’s both as simple as that and as tough as that. Of course the detail of how and where we live our lives and the roles we play all add dimensions to the particular context within which this purpose is fulfilled. It could be within a family, within a profession, the arts and so much more…and it matters deeply that we find our metier because that enables our passion and our talents to be expressed to the fullest effect as we live our purpose. We could perhaps say that it helps us to unlock the doorway to our love?

And yet, at the core…isn’t it really all about love? Love defined as will, wisdom, truth, compassion, care, kindness, courage. Love that is both uplifting and challenging. Love that propels us toward the expression of our truth which is at the core of purpose. Imagine if every person on earth was truly committed to living through love as their core purpose in life how that would change the nature of existence on this planet.

I’m not trying to suggest that other expressions of purpose aren’t significant – they are vital because they help us to find our relationship with Life.  They help us to make sense of the talents, experiences and inner power that we have and how we contribute to the beautiful, complex whole that is our world. But isn’t loving the ultimate purpose?

Lorraine Flower