You know when you’re in the presence of someone who is fulfilling their life’s purpose in the work they do, the passion and energy they bring to it and the sense of joy that emanates from them.  It is as if they’re connected to an entirely different and higher energetic source.  And of course they are for our higher purpose is the purpose of the soul…an expression of a deeper and higher passion focused on making a difference for the greater good.

And so it is a privilege to work with leaders in helping them to uncover their purpose, to see the switch flip when they connect with their passion and the realisation that they can bring this into their daily work.  I had a powerful reminder of this in some recent group work.

In introducing the notion of purpose and asking them to connect with, then talk about what it is about their role that they feel passionate about the energy levels rose significantly, the room lit up and each one of them found a different, more fluent, more connected voice.  They were speaking from the soul rather than the personality that gets caught in the convention of how we should be at work.

The conversation about everyday ‘tasks’ was transformed into a more purposeful mapping of the way ahead on the changes they are leading with their teams and the passion they felt for this journey.

It was a humbling reminder of the power of purpose, and of making sure I stay connected with my passion for what I am fortunate to do each day and to let soul speak.

Trudy Worth