“The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

Robert Bryne

I am pondering the difference between purpose and purposefulness prompted by four days immersed in getting accredited in the use of the Lumina Spark and Lumina Emotion psychometrics.

Purposefulness is on my radar as my profile from the process suggests it is a personality trait on which I am somewhat low, so more likely to allow goals to emerge and form than finely sculpting and purposefully pursuing them.  It’s an aspect of me that I understand, acknowledge and wholly own.  There’s beauty in its flexibility and openness to possibility and frustration in its lack of focus.

When I come to purpose though, I feel an entirely different and higher connection.  I have long believed my purpose to be about helping others fulfil their potential in service of the greater good.  Or, put another way, to connect with and achieve their higher purpose.  And, of course, that’s what the work I’ve been doing this week has been focused on…more fine tuning of my ‘instrument’ so I can be more effective in my purpose.

The thing I notice when I’m ‘on purpose’ in my work is that there’s an implicit drive, or purposefulness, to my thoughts, behaviours and actions.  It feels like connecting my ‘operating system’ to a whole other, infinitely more powerful system so I’m drawing on resources beyond my self –amplifying and deepening the experience and the outcome.

Trudy Worth