Taking time to reflect on the nature and quality of one’s purpose or indeed an organisation’s purpose enables us to do a number of things – notice how connected we feel to it and what response it fosters in us; evaluate the degree to which it is likely to have a positive impact on the world (locally and/or globally); notice whether we have a felt sense of its ‘invisible’ impact.

The first two are hopefully easier to identify, but what of this ‘invisible’ impact? For me this means the sense we get when we sit quietly, as to whether the articulation of the purpose fits with the bigger, deeper, higher energetic flow of evolution. Let me explain that further and be more specific. I often reflect on the Purpose that we have articulated for our work in the field of Conscious Leadership and Conscious Organisations for example, which is ‘to help leaders consciously create the new era of work for the greater good of humanity’.

As I contemplate this I am seeking to evaluate the degree to which those words have a magnetic resonance – will they attract the energy from those of us working in this area that will help to contribute to something bigger than we might be able to know or see.

‘The new era of work’ can be interpreted at a very practical level with all the discussion about Artificial Intelligence, greater complexity, faster pace of change and uncertainty and so on. All of these are, of course, valid aspects of the new era that will demand a response from both individual leaders and the collective organisation. But what if we consider the New Era as a bigger energetic shift? Something that is calling forth a whole new level of human expression and where work actually contributes to the greater good of humanity at an evolutionary level. Now for me, this conjures up impacts that are much harder to see and yet at the same time can be sensed.

By being willing to hold our purpose in the context of the ‘long now’ requires me to have my ego, or personality, let go of the need to see immediate impacts from our Purpose, instead accepting that the aspect of ‘invisibility’ may mean that the energetic shifts could take lifetimes to be realised in concrete form. I’ve found it means letting go of a need for the specific evidence that delivering our Purpose IS making a difference and to connect, reflect, meditate, to sense that it carries the energetic power to contribute to something beyond what we can see, if we can hold it within our core, our heart and our being.

I have found and indeed continue to find that this is an area that I have to wrestle with – the letting go of the need to see concrete progress or results. And like so many aspects of consciousness, it’s a continual work in progress.

Lorraine Flower