purpose Purpose – a DNA thing

Purpose is a wonderfully overarching and potentially lofty member of the Conscious Leader qualities family and one that speaks deeply to me. That said, at times, I have found it hard to examine it in specific interactions within my day-to-day practise. What do I mean by that? Having spent a lot of time over many years exploring and working with my own personal sense of Purpose as well as that for the business it feels like it’s very much part of my DNA. There is an ‘is-ness’ quality about if you will. It exists almost in a sense of me taking it for granted. And, as Shakespeare so eloquently says, ‘therein lies the rub’. I find that it can be easy to miss the way in which my Purpose shows up in the everyday.

So bringing a more day-to-day conscious examination of my relationship with my Purpose is helping me to examine the lived expression of it on a number of levels. For example, to what degree am I expressing the passion I feel in connection with my Purpose? How and where does this passion show up? Is that passion alienating or magnetic? And I notice that sometimes that passion, or strength of connection, can make me over protective of what I’m working on in that I can sometimes feel that no-one else really gets this like I do. On one level, of course, this is rubbish and yet at the same time signals the genuine uniqueness of the relationship that we have with our personal Purpose and the need to hold it lightly.

I’ve also been reflecting on the difference between a Purpose expressed from the mind or head and one that is fully integrated with the head and the heart. This came home to me during a recent retreat where I found myself metaphorically punching the air as my relationship with my ‘personal’ Purpose, and by virtue of that my professional or business Purpose, shifted from something I could feel inside of me to something that moved to an even deeper level of DNA.

This new level of DNA connection feels wonderfully rich and expansive and all-inclusive. It has a more loving energy bound up within it and has stepped beyond a deep sense of responsibility which is what I think I identified with most strongly before.  It also had me thinking about those ‘lucky’ people who are driven by a vocation or purpose from a young age and just ‘know’ what they are meant to be/do in the world.  When that kicks in (as I feel it did at another level of integration for me during the retreat) my experience suggests that a whole other level of relationship develops with one’s Purpose – it becomes far more potent and hopefully ultimately impactful in bringing positive outcomes in the world.

When I’m working with clients I have found myself looking for what it is that makes them tick. I have to resist the urge to probe them on their Purpose (unless that’s the agreed coaching contract or consulting brief) and yet I do notice that when I introduce a deeper aspect to the dialogue or exchange this can have a very powerful effect. It can open a whole new stream of sharing and stretch to the discussion. So part of my resolve from exploring this Conscious Leader quality is to really bring it to the forefront more often when talking with people – daring to ask them what makes them tick – in as benign and compassionate a way as possible (that’s consistent with my Purpose).

Lorraine Flower