Serving our purpose

‘To exist just for yourself is meaningless.  You can achieve most satisfaction when you feel related to some greater purpose in life, something greater than yourself.’  Denis Waitely

Waitley’s words, for me, capture the essence of our human journey, our calling to be in service of creating a better world for all, serving the greater good. This is both a big and compelling responsibility.

To fulfil it we must invest in the work of getting clear on our individual soul purpose for how we can best serve and then in the work of living that purpose.  When our purpose is clear so is the way ahead.  We can consider all that we do – our thoughts and actions – in the frame of the bigger vista, of making a positive difference, making the right choices and setting the right intention behind right action.

When we’re aligned with and living our soul purpose the power of our passion is perfectly directed. Our heart, in all its glory, is engaged fully in the work.  Our connection with our actions, with others and with the world are transformed to an entirely different and more impactful level. And we’re illuminating the possibility for others to step more purposefully on their own path too.  What greater service could there be?

Trudy Worth