The elusive nature of purpose

Although the exploration of purpose has become a more familiar practise across a diverse spectrum of humanity for both individuals and groups, it remains an elusive thing to fully grasp.

Speaking personally I have had moments where I have been able to activate a purpose for myself and/or my organisation and truly feel it as a deep sense of DNA together with a knowing that I am living it. At other times I can read or repeat the words and they can seem quite flat or two dimensional.

Connection with purpose can feel ephemeral and requires constant and consistent work. Work which involves regular checking in with ourselves about the nature of life, our world and our part within that system, organically evaluating how we show up. It requires the committed development of a reflective or meditative practise within which we can open ourselves to ‘data’ coming from a higher or more expanded consciousness. This consciousness connects us with principles such as the interconnectedness of all life and a deeper understanding of love – love for self, life and all living things – inclusive love.

Within this expanded consciousness we can get a completely new perspective on purpose and perhaps see that the language we have crafted to describe our purpose, whilst important and helpful, is still only part of the story when it comes to knowing and therefore living our purpose. We also, through this expanded consciousness, have the opportunity to get ever more subtle interpretations of the purpose and the barriers that may prevent its livingness within us or our organisation.

Perhaps also, everyone’s purpose in life at the most fundamental level is simple, universal and yet also exceedingly challenging to live day-in day-out, (and here my ego can sometimes struggle because it wants the expression of purpose to be unique to me)…and that is to love universally, inclusively and with joy.

Lorraine Flower