I was reflecting the other day on the qualities of my aunt who died recently. Amongst her many beautiful qualities was the quality of presence – true, meaningful presence. When she was with you she was really with you…even if she wasn’t saying very much – or perhaps especially then.

Presence is about so much more than stillness or inner calm although these are certainly significant. It’s a quality that conveys a deep level of connection with one’s higher self and also with the higher self of the other. The channel of communication that opens up in that higher connection has real meaning. It has a depth and value that extends beyond spoken word or thought and becomes a true expression of consciousness.

Presence for me starts with a deep sense of self connection where we dare to enter the silence and the space of nothingness in order to come to a greater place of self-acceptance.  The nothingness can feel scary, but the more we can dis-identify from the personality aspects of our self and hold ourselves with loving compassion, the more we will be able to access the higher self. And the more we do that the more we are available to connect with others at that level too.

The meaning that emerges is both in the moment and eternal – it speaks of a oneness that is beyond simple definition or description. It says ‘I see you’, ‘I am you’ ‘you are me’. It is imbued with a level of respectfulness, a dignity and a loving power that is all embracing.