The two-way gift of presence

One of the greatest gifts we can give others is to be fully present with them, wholly attentive and connected to and with them in each moment we are together.  Being fully present honours our interconnectedness and essential one-ness.

This gift for others is something we can give ourselves too if we remember, make the time and set our intention.  Being able to fully connect with oneself, to explore what’s going on, to see and listen with the heart rather than the mental ‘shoulds’ and ‘ought to’s’ brings alive our essential beingness.

And so I had the opportunity to remember this way of being with myself recently ‘thanks’ to my own inattentiveness to a situation and compounded by scattering my attention over too many things thereby losing my presence with myself.

I had made a mistake, failed to check a detail in a timely way (it was a small detail with a potentially big impact).  I moved swiftly into faulting (others) and fixing mode which involved making a dollop of assumptions.

When these came back to bite me I brought myself absolutely into presence in that moment and experienced with great clarity both the truth of the situation, and the grace to make apologies that were truly heartfelt and genuine.  These were delivered in full presence with the other, attracting graciousness in return.