presence“Be here now.”Ram Dass


There are a myriad of quotes about presence on the internet, some of which sound very profound, I chose this one because of its simplicity – and it says it all!

To me presence, at its essence, is simple and life is simple when we are present. If I do not live with the fear of the future or the thoughts of the past, this moment is simple and pure. It doesn’t have to be anything other than what it is.

Most people know this including me, of course, and yet I still find staying present tricky to hold on to.

What I have noticed is that I find it easier to be present when I am with people. When I am in connection with others I feel more in connection with myself too, ebbing and flowing as I respond to the other, being acutely aware of all my senses. The accumulation of all the senses enables intuition to thrive too. At my best, this serves me well in my work as facilitator and coach and as a friend and family member.

Where I find it less easy to be present is when I am on my own. I recognise I make things complex instead of simple – I get caught up in what I have to do which always feels like too much in too little time. I get caught up with assumptions about what others expect of me, what will happen if I don’t do this or I do do that. Or I go into autopilot and just do without thinking and noticing when I get tired, hungry or thirsty, stiff from sitting too long, or that I am being unproductive and not focusing on what is important, or I am feeling cross or bored. This causes me to have some unfulfilling days; where the day seems to run me rather than me taking control of the day.

On good days I do check in with myself regularly. How am I feeling – energetically, mentally and physically? I also ask myself if what I am doing is ‘on purpose’. The latter is important to me as it tends to remind me of other conscious leadership qualities such as Heart and Intention so that I can check if these have a place in what I am currently doing and whether I am bringing them to bear. I am able to refresh myself if I need it or adjust what I am doing to get back to being ‘on purpose’ which leads to me feeling satisfied and less drained at the end of the day.

By being my own observer means that I am present, not on autopilot – I’m simply ‘here, now’!

Kaaren Brook