presence“The soul is your innermost being. The presence that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond form, that is the soul. That is who you are in essence”Eckhart Tolle


I have found it difficult to properly get hold of presence as a quality and find I have more questions than answers.

  • I get a sense of when I am present but how does that impact others? Does it mean I have presence?
  • Is presence in the eye of the beholder? Someone who seems to have presence to me may be different for you. What attracts me may not attract you, the language, the actions and context can influence my opinion.
  • Could we be drawn to someone with ‘presence’ because we recognise or admire what we see rather than them having a ‘conscious presence’?
  • Do we always notice when someone is present, and is that the same thing?

These are questions to which I don’t have an answer, though I think it may be a combination of things and most certainly needs to start with ourselves.

Through my practice, I have found a link with authenticity. Authenticity is discussed a lot in leadership literature and I think this is a major part of what enables us to be present and have presence; an alignment of our essence, with our sense of identity, our values and what we project into the world through what we do and what we say. We can use the word soul or we can describe it as our deep sense of who we are – connecting inwardly and outwardly simultaneously. For me, this powerful combination creates a circular energetic field at a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level, enabling us to vibrate as one integrated being.

It is when I am coaching that I get the biggest sense of my presence and being present. I find when I am truly present, in the moment, aligned and relaxed, great things happen. I get a visceral sense of the joint space created together with my client, a deep ‘empathy’ occurs which means I sense emotionally and physically what seems to be happening for the other person. This helps guide me to touch places in the other person, to release their words, thoughts, feelings that may have otherwise remained locked in. My challenge is to recreate this state of presence more consistently in other contexts.

I would love to hear your experiences and what presence means to you.

Kaaren Brook