Each day we are faced with a cacophony of stimuli – visual, aural, olfactory – to which we sometimes respond positively, feeling energised and inspired, and at other times, seek to avoid in search of peace and quiet.

One of the challenges in our current times is the sheer level of ‘noise’ in our world – noise which constantly shouts out the problems, tragedies and horrors resulting from Humanity’s missteps due to a lack of awareness and love. This can have several effects on our ability to stay centred and present, and to take the steps that will enable us to address the cause underpinning the ‘noise’.

We may find ourselves struggling for any peace of mind, beset by the onslaught of the doom-laden world, or we may find that our ability to think clearly about how to effect change is impaired.

To stay centred and present of course we need to practise strengthening the contact with our own inner core and truth and we can then access a different level of sensing. A sensing that empowers us to listen, see and ‘smell’ beyond the cacophony. A sensing that enables us to see subtler world beyond the everyday realities. A world where consideration for others is at the forefront, where the light of love and beauty shines within and from each of us, where we see the energetic threads that link us and recognise that in fact, we are all connected – each to the other no matter what the apparent differences may be.

This isn’t a case of Pollyanna thinking. This subtler world exists today, and we can each experience it and live it right now, if we remain present and awake to the love within us. By practising being present in every moment and accessing love we can each become better parents, friends and leaders – more complete expressions of what it means to be human.

Lorraine Flower