“As you become more present in your own life, you will begin to enlighten others by your example.”  Germany Kent

We can only truly listen if we are here, now.  Fully present in this moment.  No past butting in.  No future being imagined.  No pesky thoughts dragging our attention away from this moment.

And what are we listening to?  The beating of our heart, connecting with now.  The rise and fall, ebb and flow of our breath of life.  And to the others we’re with.  Attending fully to their thoughts, to their words, to the nuances in their energy.  To their heart.  Honouring and witnessing without judging. Cradling and holding.

Stilling ourselves into this moment enables a conversation that soars beyond the exchange of words, views, ideas and into the riches of connection, soul to soul, of interdependence and oneness.

And we see and feel the light of understanding spreading, encircling and filling the space.  We are fully here, experiencing the gift of presence for ourselves and the others we are with – a beautiful expression of unity.

Trudy Worth