One of the aspects of the quality ‘presence’ is the ability to be able to be connected ‘within’ to a centre that is calm, expansive and subtle whilst remaining available to the more dense world of what we might describe as ‘normal daily living’. Bringing those two worlds together – the more subtle with the more dense is not an easy one. The ability to hold this place of what we might call ‘tension’ isn’t about tension at all…it’s entirely about beingness.

Whenever we meet someone who has developed real presence, we notice in them a stillness that isn’t about lack of action or sitting cross-legged on the meditation cushion. For sure that meditative quality is present providing a space within which all other ‘activity’ can be assimilated. The process of assimilation brings forward responses (both literal and activity related) that often feel very wise. Perhaps irritatingly so because presence isn’t large or grand or overbearing, it’s humble, deep and generous and can appear so effortless potentially giving rise to less lofty feelings of envy?

Effortless though it is not…it becomes so only after dedicated work and focus, as we work to truly get to know the subtle space, the expansive centre that in truth is our essence, our soul. And yet, even if our moments of presence are fleeting, the impact of it is so uplifting for us, and those around us, that surely it’s worth the hard work.

To be able to hold our active, practical, ‘daily living’ life in perfect balance with our inner life is a major step in being able to release all the qualities of our heart, our soul and our essence. And for sure our world needs those qualities now more than ever.

Lorraine Flower