“go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace can be found in silence”  Desiderata, Max Ehrmann


I am a thinker, a doer. When I am in flow at work I can get completely absorbed by the satisfaction of multitasking – smashing through long to-do lists, getting that report done, talking a client through a particularly tough problem they are facing, designing that workshop that I will be running next week, addressing the minutiae of day-to-day office management, thinking about that piece I must get done by next week. Even when I am in a meeting my mind is often full with analysing everything I am hearing, playing with different solutions in my head, thinking through what I think might be best in the client’s situation.

But how often do I stop?



Truly connect with the person I am with?

Be really present with the current moment?

Being a conscious leader invites us to really be open and aware in the moment, connecting with inner and outer energy to guide a pure and meaningful way of being (and acting). It asks us to put aside all the busyness, the noise, the haste. To make each moment a quality interaction between ourselves and whatever we are doing or whomever we are with.

I have been working with this the last few months and it’s not easy. I am a product of the 24/7, increasingly fast paced 21st century workplace which values quick thinkers and immediate results and it’s hard to step out of the race when everyone else is still running. However, when I do, my work, my interactions, all take on a different quality. They are more considered, more insightful, more effective. I realise how much I miss within my rush to deliver – the looks, the body language, a particular nuance or quirk of a situation, the previously unseen creative alternative. I feel more grounded, in control, and at peace and so do the people I interact with. And in addition to all this? I still seem to get everything done that is needed.

Just like the tortoise in the race with the hare – go placidly amid the noise and the haste – you will still achieve all you wish, but be richer for the journey.

Beth Ogilvie-King