Conscious Leadership Qualities

"You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle"
Eckhart Tolle

Purpose of the session:

  • To develop an understanding of the role of conscious leaders and the outcomes they create
  • To explore the qualities of a conscious leader and how we might develop them in ourselves
  • To access the courage to be a conscious leader and make a difference through our actions

Consciousness at Work

"Heavy rain may wash away the small seed when it has not taken root. But if you have a really good root, the heavy rain will help you a lot"
Shunryu Suzuki

Purpose of the session:

  • To explore how to use work as an opportunity to develop awareness and be conscious
  • How to stay rooted in presence at work
  • Identifying and working with the unconscious obstacles to consciousness.
  • To share experiences and give support for leaders developing consciousness

Change Agency

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has"
Margaret Mead

Purpose of the session:

  • To explore the challenges and opportunities for creating change in our organisations
  • To develop ways to facilitate a shift in consciousness in our workplace, through our skills, and our expression of self
  • To build personal capabilities to act as change agents, and maintain our resiliency throughout the process

Building Workplace Trust

“Trust each other again and again. When the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities for which they were previously unaware.”
David Armistead

Purpose of the session:

  • Build a real understanding of trust and its power to transform organisations for greater good
  • Get clear on levels of trust in my organisation and its wider community
  • Deepen how I work with trust and lead in a more conscious way