“Enter into the wealth of the Soul and as you bring that wealth of the Soul into your consciousness it will reflect outwardly” – Lucille Cedercrans: Disciple and Economy

Purpose of the session:

  • To define and understand personal economy
  • To build a more conscious relationship with our own personal “wealth”
  • To understand the role of attitudes, beliefs, fears and habits in developing our personal economy

What will we be covering:

The fundamentals of personal economy
– How could we define ‘personal economy’? How is this relevant to conscious leadership?
Auditing your own personal economy
– How healthy is my economy? How do I relate to time, money, energy? What beliefs and values do I hold?
Identifying blockages/ensuring right circulation
– What gets in the way of healthy circulation of energy in my personal economy?
Economy and consciousness
-Where is my consciousness focused? In what way does that drive my ability to effect a healthy economy
Personal mastery: accessing the will and the heart to effect change
– How will I refocus my consciousness and improve my personal economy?