“We have an economy that tells us it is cheaper to destroy earth in real time rather than renew, restore, and sustain it. You can print money to bail out a bank but you can’t print life to bail out a planet” – Paul Hawken, entrepreneur, environmental activist and author

Purpose of the session:

  • To build a ‘map’ of our current world economy
  • To explore the role of organisations and business within the world economy
  • To review economic sustainability on a practical level

What will we be covering:

We are all economists/economy for the non-economist
– How do we recognise and embrace our role as economists?
A worldview – the ‘map’ of our current reality
– Where are the examples of progress? How can we build on the great work that is currently happening?
Profit, growth, winning, competition…replacing the ‘old’ principles with an economically sustainable mind-set
– How do we create the new lexicon and behaviours? What’s our role in that journey?
Identifying blockages/ensuring right circulation
– What gets in the way of healthy circulation of energy in my own organisation’s economy? How can I improve that?
Economy and consciousness
– Where is my organisation’s consciousness focused? In what way does that drive our ability to effect a healthy economy
Organisational change: accessing the will and the heart to effect change
– How will I lead a refocus in my organisation’s consciousness?