“We must awake to the reality that business has the ability to change the self-perception and the self-narrative story for most of the human beings on the planet.” Marc Gaffni

Purpose of the session:

  • To open the conversation on conscious leadership and organisations
  • To explore the concept of conscious leadership, and its importance in today’s context
  • To consider the what’s needed to develop consciousness in leadership and organisations
  • To create a supportive and collaborative environment and community to work together further

What will we be covering:

The indefinable consciousness…a lived experience
– What do we mean by consciousness? How do I know whether I am experiencing consciousness?
The current context in the world of work
– How conscious is the workplace now? What are the indicators?
The case for greater consciousness in leadership and organisations
– What if we do nothing? Why do we need to focus on consciousness at all?
Consciousness movements – what’s going on in the world?
– To what extent is this already mainstreaming? Who is doing what in this field?
The attributes of Conscious Leadership
– What’s my role as a leader? What do I need to bring to make a difference?
Making it real, and finding the courage
– How do I find the courage to make the leap?