“Heavy rain may wash away the small seed when it has not taken root. But if you have a really¬†good root, the heavy rain will help you a lot” –¬†Shunryu Suzuki

Purpose of the session:

  • To explore how to use work as an opportunity to develop awareness and be conscious
  • How to stay rooted in presence at work
  • Identifying and working with the unconscious obstacles to consciousness.
  • To share experiences and give support for leaders developing consciousness

What will we be covering:

Being conscious at work
– What does it mean to be conscious at work?
Working with the obstacles that prevent the arising of presence
– How do you distract yourself from being present and why?
Detaching from the pull of the mind
– Who is thinking?
Digital consciousness
– What Helps? What does not?
The power of acceptance
– How to take responsibility for the present moment
Deepening inquiry
– How to uncover invisible beliefs