Translating knowing

As I get older (in earthly terms) and wiser (in soul terms) I am becoming increasingly aware of the strands of ‘knowing’ that pervade my being. The wise part comes in allowing these ‘strands’ proper houseroom within me and to honour them in how I live and also in how I communicate with and relate to others.

I feel that part of my purpose in life is learning how to become an effective teacher. Not in the didactic sense of teaching but in the shared wisdom sense – facilitating and opening the door to new insights, understandings and truths. Not my truths specifically but ideas or knowing that we can all recognise as aspects of the larger truth.

And this is where the ‘learning’ part of becoming an effective teacher comes in because finding the language that invites others into the exploration of a truth or knowing is a tricky old game. Evangelism for example makes no attempt to translate – evangelists simply share their beliefs and knowing from their understanding of it. We either get on board or we don’t.

To truly create a bridge from one’s own sense of ‘knowing’ or ‘truth’ to another’s and to build a deeper level of connection with the potential of the idea requires deep skill. Skill in finding the language, skill in holding the idea clearly yet lightly, like gossamer, skill in creating the crucible within which the ideas can be explored without pressure, judgement or coercion.

For me the crucible is the heart. The more we can hold our knowing in our heart (rather than our mind), and we explore with another through the heart, the more we can explore the intrinsic wisdom within the knowing we perceive.

For example, I have a deep knowing about all living beings in all kingdoms of nature being part of the one being. In other words that we are all one and that whatever happens to one happens to all. In my work as a ‘teacher’ this concept is brought to the table through discussion around greater good, collective purpose, collaboration, one team and so on and so on.

What I notice however is that any ‘translation’ so often feels like a lesser version of the purity of that deep knowing with all its colour and radiance. And so my journey as a teacher continues – learning to find the language from within my heart that will unlock the gateway to deeper knowing – for myself and with others.

Lorraine Flower