I’ve been reflecting a lot on ‘F’ words over the past few weeks. No, not the obvious one but a couple of others that are even more powerful. I’m talking about faith and fear -they’re interrelated and the former is almost certainly an antidote to the latter.

In our increasingly turbulent and uncertain world with fear on the rise don’t we need faith more than ever? For me that faith is centred on trust of self and of the universe that I will have the resources and support I need, within and without, whatever comes.

That’s not to say I’m fear-less, far from it, but my reflection is helping me get clearer on what a blockage fear – whether that’s mild anxiety or something more full blown – is to our connection with the knowing that informs our best decisions, actions and selves in service of others and a greater good.

If we’re fearful we can’t connect with our higher self or tune in to that intuition, inspiration or knowing that flows from a higher source, somewhere beyond our daily experience. Instead we’re more likely to get the gut reaction driven by our all too human reaction of fight or flight (two more ‘F’ words).

So I’m working on strengthening faith through my meditation practice and through paying attention to when I’m in trust and when doubt is creeping in and the effect that has on how I show up and what flows.

Trudy Worth