Trusting the power of insight

Discernment and trust are two vital components in Knowing in my experience. The first of course to help us differentiate between the impulses of the personality (or ego) and the soul impulse. In other words to be as clear as we can be whether the insight, information or intuition that we are receiving is in service of a more personal wish or desire or whether it is part of either our own soul journey/evolution or indeed a wider evolutionary insight.

The second factor of trust can be a tricky one. Depending on our personality we may find that we have a tendency to be slow to trust the insight or overly hasty to run with it. And even when we feel we have applied full discernment, we may find ourselves with question marks about the purpose, impact or validity of any action we may take on the back of the insight.

A true, deep knowing also has the other quality of being somewhat hard to grasp, articulate or define often taking years to fully show itself. It can feel like working our way through the fog and waiting as the sunlight eventually burns off the moisture and thins it to a mist. Then glimpses of light come though bringing illumination…and yet even then the insight can still feel somewhat elusive at times.

By way of a simple recent example, we made a decision here at azzur to change some aspects of our business model which entailed moving away from having a central office and moving to a virtual, flexible model. On the face of it no big issue except that the impulse to take this action is bound up in a broader sense of ‘freedom’, energetic release (from letting go of the physical space which had accumulated ‘stuff’ over nearly 8 years) and new potential. So a seemingly benign, straightforward action to dismantle a physical office is undoubtedly part of a deeper cycle of energy for the business.

Trusting that the decision to act on this insight (which had been brewing through the fog and mist for over a year) will be for the greater benefit of everyone it affects is still rumbling within me as I weigh the pros and cons even though the decision has been made and enacted. On the one hand, I feel sure at a very deep level and yet am also aware that my personality or ego is capable of disrupting that trust. It’s a valuable reminder that a strong open flow to intuition or knowing also requires the taming of the personality.

Lorraine Flower