‘There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results’ Mahatma Ghandi

I was interested this week when listening to the radio and there was a programme on looking at altered states. It was exploring whether, post LSD, there is a way naturally to getting to the state to gain insights and creativity that are described by those who advocate LSD’s use.

The reason for my interest was that the researcher discovered, after not having any profound experiences himself, that those who declared powerful insights had entered with the belief that it was possible and wanting it to work.

There is evidence that placebo, believing and having faith effects most things. Many people believe in spirituality and have a faith that it is true. In the world of consciousness, at what point do we know? Know from a source that is not our own knowledge, experience or ego.  Know that there is, and that we have tapped into, a collective knowledge.

To me knowing is not just about believing something or having faith and trust, it is more tangible and palpable. Knowing has a certainty about it, certain that something is true as oppose to believing or trusting that something is true. Believing and trust have a lighter quality to them even though they can run deep.

I’m not suggesting we do away with believing and trusting, to me these are necessary, but they also can be in danger of blinding us from the truth as we may discard anything that does not fit with our reality. We can get into group think and stifle creativity and insight.

I knew there is a wider consciousness before I believed or had faith in that being the case.  I remember the moment well. I was walking along a familiar street in Wandsworth. It was a grey day and I was on my way to meet a friend. Suddenly I saw things differently – my whole view was both broadened and connected, everything was both merged and defined from the street lights to the pigeons to the sky with a sense of infinity. I had a physical reaction that almost overwhelmed me. It only lasted a moment. I tried to dismiss it but couldn’t. I knew in that moment that I was one with everything tangible and non tangible. My belief and faith followed. And no, I had not taken LSD! It was though, another reason why my interest was pricked by the radio programme. I have never shared this before. My ego gets in the way – will you think I’m bonkers?

So when my instinct tells me something, something that I have no evidence of or frame of reference for, how do I know to trust it? I don’t necessarily.  Sometimes I have a stronger sense of ‘knowingness’, i.e. a mind and body knowing, but other times it is just a thought, perhaps when I’m training or coaching.  When I am Conscious I can catch those moments and, because of what I ‘know’, I believe and have faith that I am accessing a larger consciousness and so trust that acting upon it will be the right thing to do. In turn, these insights influence the decisions and paths I take myself and with others.

Kaaren Brook