I’ve mentioned before that I personally, find the conscious leadership quality of knowing the most difficult to pin down…to know when knowing or wisdom has shown up and to define its nature.  As I write this that clarity remains elusive and perhaps that’s how it should be.

One of the things I have been experimenting with over the past few weeks is staying open to others no matter how time-pressed (and impatient) I may be.  Doing this has required me to suspend judgements and assumptions of how things will play out fashioned on previous experience.

My practise has been more work in progress than perfection.  It has at times, though, been a fruitful endeavour.

Based on previous encounters I was expecting a somewhat functional, disengaged and frustrating experience with one of my local healthcare facilities so the warmth and caring on offer gave me an entirely different perspective at a deep, felt sense level.  I experienced a real sense of connection with the others in the interaction…a recognition of fellow souls and our connectedness, a knowing of our one-ness.

It has ‘reminded’ me how important our clearing work is and that getting our personalities, previous experience, knowledge and conditioning out of the way so we can act always from a place of love, openness and connection, will allow us to welcome in ‘knowing’ – in this case, that deep sense of our oneness.

Trudy Worth