knowingCease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.” – Eileen Caddy

As someone with a strong mind I have inevitably let it play a huge role in how I live my life and in many ways that has served me very well. In my corporate career having a quick mind that can use logic and rational thinking was (and still is) well rewarded. What I didn’t appreciate so well in those first early years of my adult life was the role and value of that still small voice inside that was nudging me to do things differently to the logical response.

It wasn’t until my 30s that I started to recognise and perhaps more importantly value, and therefore act on, that deeper information or inspiration that came to me. I suspect some of my resistance was that more often than not it was linked to taking action or doing things that I ‘knew’ I had to do but which my personality didn’t like the look of or was scared about the unknown consequences. For example deciding to leave my long term employer where I thought I’d spend my whole life or stepping back from the corporate world as an in-company leader (and a role I absolutely loved) to become a consultant.

The sense of knowing that informed these decisions was about following my soul, a deep impulse that was signaling a complete change of direction in how I contributed to society, both in my own personal attitudes and behaviours as well as in the actual function (or ‘job’) in which I served humanity. In some ways, these more ‘lofty’ insights only became really clear in the many years that followed. The actual ‘knowing’ was a spark of revelation that required immediate attention and action without really knowing the potential or the outcomes.

In more recent months, (now well into my 50s) I have been reexamining my relationship with my knowing or intuition as once again I find myself facing and acting upon some tough insights and inspirations. What I realise is that in the intervening 20 years I have indeed built a very powerful relationship with my intuition and gently and steadily been able to approach many ‘revelations’. Some really profound linked to the meaning of life (these are harder to describe in a short blog) and others that have acted like a compass guiding my life gently toward people, experiences and more importantly understanding. Understanding more about the bigger context within which we live, love and function.

What I also notice is that the tough decisions really don’t seem to get any easier to act on but in some cases the speed at which I am prepared to act is much quicker. Still though, as I reflect on the ‘promise’ offered by Eileen Caddy (co-founder of Findhorn) of a life of Revelation, I increasingly realise that ‘knowing’ and Revelation are not really about the practicalities or actions as such. They are about our ability to know ourselves well enough to really know that love is the key and in particular discovering how to love. Knowing, for me, has been the voice and the impulse that prompts me to take the actions or develop the understanding that will clear the path to live joyfully through the heart.

Lorraine Flower