knowingYour soul knows the way

Knowing or wisdom is, in my experience, the most nebulous of our Conscious Leader qualities. If we believe we know that our insight is wisdom, it may truly be so. On the other hand it may be misguided arrogance.

How can we know if knowing has shown up…if it is coming through/emerging? And where does it come from? Is it solely soul inspired or is another, greater, universal source inspiring or speaking through the soul? These are questions and challenges I am wrestling with in a quest to pin down what may be unpinnable.

I happen to believe knowing is, indeed, soul inspired via connection with universal wisdom. In attempting to work with this quality I’ve come to appreciate the importance of other qualities being held and present…

Presence itself – my ability to really get my ‘self’ out of the way, standing down my pesky personality and ‘sedating’ my day-to-day thinking to allow for a deeper or higher knowing to come through. Creating a pure channel if you like.

Courageous and compassionate heart to accept and trust what I receive is of value, and to have the courage to share it with others undiluted but with a compassion that recognises their potentially sensitive state.

I’ve done quite a few 1-1 feedback and coaching sessions over the past weeks including one where the person I was working with was somewhat resistant to hearing or working with their feedback. What helped was holding the qualities of presence and heart to allow the knowing to come through – the right questions to open up the defendedness – and the courage and compassion to ask these in the right way. I experienced a clear shift in the other person…a connection with something quite buried that they were able to work with.

Reflecting on this after the event and in reconnecting with it now brings me to this (unattributed) quote I came across and which feels very apposite for me and the coachee…

‘Trust the wisdom of your soul, it knows the way’

Trudy Worth