Choosing to find our truth   

The truth is not for all men, but only for those who seek it. Ayn Rand

In a world where it is almost impossible to know what to believe we are called upon more than ever to find our own sense of the truth from a much deeper place. The abundance of social media facilitated ‘news’ sources – fake, real, exaggerated, embellished, edited – means that we are required to apply many new filters to our consumption of information and stories. Conventional and once deeply trusted media sources no longer offer a failsafe either.

The filters can take many forms – values, spiritual beliefs, philosophy or maybe lived experience.  One thing is for sure we do need to be willing to seek truth. Truth that resonates with us according to our inner framework. That means we must construct that inner framework and be challenging with ourselves in the construction. We must also be alert and active in the practice of seeking – a practise that is most likely enhanced by contemplation, reflection and meditation.

We must consider to what extent we are holding a narrow perspective. Or to what extent we are allowing what we ‘want to believe’ get in the way of what is really being presented to us. Or maybe we have become lazy and not examined the underpinning of our ‘framework’ for a while and are labouring somewhat unconsciously in our assessment of truth.

For some perhaps the act of seeking truth seems somewhat meaningless preferring instead to rely on years of experience to guide them. This may be OK if they are constantly examining the value and relevance of that experience. In a world where we are faced with change on a seemingly unprecedented level one thing is for sure – we need a regular and fully conscious examination of what we perceive as truth, along with regular internal ‘operating software upgrades’.

This is the only way we can keep edging our way closer to a real sense of the truth of who and what we really are – individually and as a collective Humanity.

Lorraine Flower