An act of service

‘There is a universal, intelligent, life force that exists within everyone and everything.  It resides within each of us as a deep wisdom, an inner knowing.’ Shakti Gawain

Every day we encounter signs and symbols which may be prescient messages and guidance from our higher self, or a power beyond that.  In our everyday state of awareness, cluttered by busy-ness, they can fail to register.  Sometimes though we are fortunate that they come onto our radar with more power.

I’m not talking here about the superstitious ‘one for sorrow, two for joy’ moments when magpies appear though I’ll admit the appearance of a pair normally elicits a small emotional ‘fist pump’ for me.

What I mean is the guidance, knowing or wisdom, we receive perhaps prompted by something random we see or hear that connects at a sensory level and stimulates something more profound, however fleeting.  In that moment of clarity we experience deep knowing, beyond facts or previous experience or belief or the assumptions shaped by our filters, our world view.

It is a knowing that comes from our soul.  A pure intuition.  Providing a moment of certainty as well as clarity.

Attaining greater connection with these moments, stringing them together like the pearls they undoubtedly are, and recognising, welcoming and trusting them when they appear is truly an act of service to ourselves and to the greater good.

It is a service to which we must dedicate ourselves, building our reflective and meditative practices and developing our ability to be in the present moment so that our channel is truly open and receptive.

Trudy Worth