Who or what conducts your Life?

In my experience one of the reasons we can find it so challenging to connect with our inner ‘knowing’ is because we are so practised at navigating Life through our personality. The overloaded transactional nature of life that we have created calls on us relentlessly to address daily activities through our concrete mind, our physical body and, from time to time, our emotional body.

To go beyond the transactional, we need to find our way to a higher wisdom that can help us to find new responses to the daily sand storm and access a deeper connection with a more powerful truth that brings new realities, insights and approaches. This requires us to gently and determinedly set down our personality for periods of time so that we can open ourselves to a new resource – the resource of our soul.

Of course mindfulness, reflective practises and meditation are all powerful in enabling this access and yet to really come to a place of deep knowing or a higher universal ‘truth’ we need to bring these practises to a central place in our lives. This doesn’t mean spending all day every day cross legged on a cushion. In my experience it’s about being open to building a relationship with our soul where we truly recognise its rightful place as the conductor of our lives. Meditation and other reflective practises are instrumental in enabling this.

And, to build the relationship we need to find ways to be present in every moment of our lives from a more reflective, elevated or deeper place. It’s a place where we can hold a bigger perspective, develop a broader, more inclusive understanding, be open to more challenging global questions, many of which are seemingly insoluble – at least not instantly. This is the soul in action…gently yet provocatively opening door after door to a new layer of insight and understanding of what it means to know Life.

Lorraine Flower