Letting go to let come

‘Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you.’  Eckhart Tolle

What if we just let go?  Gave up our control whatever the circumstances we find ourselves in and trusted in the Universe, and its accumulated wisdom, to see us through?  Sounds crazy?  Sounds like a plan?

Of course there are some circumstances where metaphorically, or literally, taking our hands off the wheel probably won’t work out so well.  But what about those situations for which we don’t have any reference points?  Where our knowledge doesn’t exist and our past experience doesn’t provide the answers?

When the unexpected (and unknown) comes to call we can step into a fear that paralyses.  Or we can open our hearts and minds, tune into our curiosity and wait in stillness for insights and intuition to emerge, trusting that we’ll receive just the knowing that we need.

As Eckhart Tolle suggests, getting comfortable with not knowing is a vital first step – the springboard for what flows next.  Then, in connecting beyond self, whether through reflection, through meditation, through opening our heart and mind, we’re developing our conscious awareness to the riches of the Universe and the power for good these can bring.

Personally, though I like to frame myself as not needing control, I know how tightly I can hold to the old when the new shows up so I’m taking ‘letting go to let come’ as my ‘manifesto’ for the coming months and trying it on for size.

Trudy Worth