knowingThe elusiveness of knowing…

“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon. How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”  – Rumi, The Essential Rumi


Knowing and wisdom are difficult to define, yet when we come across leaders who hold a sense of knowing we seem to recognise it. So what is it we notice?

Let me attempt to share my experience of those I’ve encountered whom I would call ‘wise’. I hear them say things that appear to come from left field yet touch the exact spot that is needed. I hear confidence, though never a need to be right. I hear a clarity of thought and directness in execution while leaving space for others to take part.

I hear words that seem to convey an awareness of and optimism for long term positive outcomes. I hear a will to share a wealth of experience balanced with personal intuition and a vision for the future. I hear calm amongst confusion or difficulty. I hear stabilising, tolerant words during times of uncertainty. I hear a perspective that would have eluded me. I hear the moment of enlightened silence as others absorb the words.

In experimenting with the Conscious Leadership qualities, Knowing loomed as the most daunting as I remembered the people I have described above.

Nevertheless, experiment I did and my experience has been both fascinating and rewarding. I’ve found that to tap into my Knowing I have to be supremely present; aware of me and the other, aware of the relational space and energy, aware of the universal energy. Once present, I experience opening a window to allow universal wisdom to mingle with my experience and intuition.

In a recent workshop I was listening to an individual talking about his experience with a colleague. As I listened I became aware of a much bigger picture. I trusted this vision, a deep trust that dissuaded doubt and gave me confidence to share my thought in front of the group, and indeed this seeming ‘bolt from the blue’ turned the problem on its head in a helpful way.

Thank you Universe!

Kaaren Brook